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Self-protection plans, renewable energy, health and safety coordination, activity projects, industrial projects..

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Energy certificates, energy audits, energy rehabilitation projects, technical advice on aid from the Ministry of Industry and Energy.

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New construction, rehabilitation, demolition, permits and licenses, appraisals, evaluation report of buildings, technical inspection, segregation and legalization projects..

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Interactive virtual representation of one building models through BIM and ICT Application Technology , based on Energy Efficiency

Reasons to choose us?

We carry out projects with all our enthusiasm, knowledge and experience. But you always being the protagonist, we rely on your personality, your ideas, your needs. We create your projects, each is a new challenge for us.


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Society evolves over time. The Human adapts to the opportunities that appear with advancing years. There are new methods of construction, design and analysis that help us with the energy needs that are demanded today.



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Alfonso A. Luna
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Aarón Pérez
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Our collaborators in different jobs

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What our clients say?

They are serious, young and very direct to their customers treatment workers. They are always providing us with different options.

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We got different solutions to solve our projects, they work very effectively and above all professional.

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They are very professional, I was called several times to know he wanted to build and my ideas to develop the project. They were based on the needs we wanted.

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Contact us. Ask us for budget

The integration of new energy techniques in construction and installation of renewable energies can accommodate the needs of the buildings and people more efficient consumption. Evolution is not meeting the needs of technicians but rather of citizens.
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